Location: 305 Glenwood Drive, Chapel Hill, NC
call for more info/directions: 919-257-7814 or

Thursdays 6:15 – 7:45 pm
Fee: $15 drop in or $10 per class when purchasing a 5 class pass.

Classes in December

December 6: “Time for Celebration”
Yoga set: Active Bliss, Ultimate Peace
Meditation for Active bliss and Ultimate Peace

December 13: “Your True State”
Yoga for Detoxification and Vitality
Meditation for Detoxification and Vitality

December 20: “Honoring Your Heart Connections”
Yoga for Creating Intimate Bonds
Meditation for Creating Intimate Bonds

December 27: “Working with Animal Messages”
Practice animal yoga postures while you listen to poetry by Shakti Parwha Kaur!
Monkey Meditation
concluding class with an animal Medicine card

Upcoming Workshops

Sound and Mantra Workshop with Sat Purkh Kaur
Sunday, Dec. 2: 8 am – 3 pm
Fee is $90 and includes catered raw vegan lunch!
Learn about the science of mantra, explore your own voice and have fun making beautiful music in a group!
To pre-register by Nov. 29, contact HarDarshan: 919-257-7814 or hardarshan@matashaktiashram.org

Journey Through the Chakras

January 12, Saturday, 10 am – 1 pm
This class will give you an experience of your energy centers, using sound, movement, color, and more!
Fee: $40

Awakening to Your Ten Bodies

January 13, Sunday, 8 am – 12 pm
You know you have one body, come learn about the other nine!
We’ll do yoga to awaken you to your ten bodies, explore these concepts, and delve into your personal numerology!
Fee: $50
Sign up for both workshops and save – $80 for both.
To pre-register by January 9, contact HarDarshan: 919-257-7814 or hardarshan@matashaktiashram.org

Sacred Feminine Workshop! Rescheduled!
 Sunday, March 3, 2019  1 – 4:30
Fee: $75, includes art supplies, tea, and snacks.
save your space by Dec. 5 by contacting HarDarshan: hardarshan@matashaktiashram.org


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