Upcoming Workshops

The Annual Workshop Series that Accompanies Teacher Training will begin again with
“Flexibility in the Aquarian Age”
Saturday, September 15 from 10 am – 1 pm
Fee: $40
We will practice yoga for a flexible spine, meditate,
and explore what it means to be living in the Age of Aquarius!
Register by Sept. 13

“Prana, Vayus, and Nadis” with visiting instructor Dukh Niwaran Kaur
Saturday, Oct. 20 1:30 -5:30 pm
Cost: $50. Preregistration required by Oct. 18
Call (919) 257-7814

Learn about the mechanics and subtleties of the breath in the body. The Vayus are the subtle airs in the body and the nadis are the energy channels. Come and experience the more esoteric aspects of your anatomy! Practice yoga and pranayam to enhance your understanding.

Mark Your Calendar for the next Workshop in Oriental, NC

Sunday September 23, 2:30 – 5 pm

at The Yoga Studio
705 Broad Street
Oriental, NC 28571
Fee is just $36. Contact susandkoepp@gmail.com to register

Fall is a big change, as we shift from the expansiveness of the summer to cooler temperatures and a more inward time. We will practice yoga and meditation to instill fearlessness and the ability to embrace change.

A great way to end a weekend at the beach!

There will also be a class in Morehead City the same weekend:

“Exploring Kundalini Yoga”
Friday, Sept. 21 from 6 – 8 pm
Fee is $30
register by visiting website, https://www.uptownyogamhc.com/workshops
or call the studio at 252-499-2350