It seems as though time is moving so quickly these days, and orienting ourselves to many changes has become part of our daily lives. With the challenges we face globally and personally, it is imperative that we use all the tools at our disposal to keep our centers, to keep our vibrations high, and keep… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!

September 2023

The theme of classes this fall will be following the theme presented in July. Now we are “Falling into Love”. What we need now is an “evolutionary love yoga”. This is a new path, where we can reclaim eros, and love’s love for its own creation. As we connect with the sacred heart, we fuel… Continue reading September 2023

July 2023

This is an exciting month at Mata Shakti! After 3 + years, Kundalini yoga and meditation classes will be offered in person! If you’ve been missing the gong, come and experience it during each class. There will also be a limited number of slots open for in person counseling clients. If you’ve been missing or… Continue reading July 2023