Classes remain on pause until further notice. Contact me for private Skype classes. Be well!

Looking forward to the time when we can gather in person again! If you’d like to arrange a private Skype class, just let me know. As many of you know, I’m not very tech savvy. I’m open to doing some group classes via technology, but will need some help figuring that out. I will keep you updated about in person and/or virtual classes.

In the meantime:
Here’s a little gift for you – a meditation that was given in 1986 to “burn viruses of the future”!
It is required to cover your head in some way during the meditation, so you don’t get a headache.

1. Sit in easy pose (cross-legged) or in a chair. Sit straight and close your eyes.
2. Bend the left elbow, relaxed a the left side of the body, forearm perpendicular to the ground. Place the hand at shoulder level in Surya Mudra (ring finger and thumb tips touch). Palm faces forward.
3. Close the right nostril with the right index finger, curl the rest of the fingers into the mounds at the base of the fingers and hold them down with the thumb.
4. Powerfully inhale and exhale through the left nostril. Heavy breath of fire. Move the navel with the breath.
5. Breathe rhythmically with the breath, 2 breaths per second. In the orignal class, the music “Sat Nam Ji, Sat Nam Ji, Wahe Guru…” by Singh Kaur was played.
Continue for 13 minutes.
To end: Inhale deep, hold the breath for 25 seconds and interlace the fingers in front of the face, arms relaxed, palms together and facing the floor. Pull the hands apart without letting go. Use force to create tremendous pressure on the fingers. Exhale. Inhale deep, hold the breath for 15 seconds, and repeat the pulling on the interlaced fingers. Exhale. Repeat one more time and relax.
Be well!

Save these dates:

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshops
Oriental, NC at The Yoga Studio

August 23, 2:30 – 5 pm
October 25, 2:30- 5 pm
(topics to be announced)
For more information & to register:
contact Susan:
(252) 249-2220

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