Technology Fasting

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Especially right now, we can be inundated by information overload from the internet, voice mail, social media, texts, and the news. Many sensitive people can experience “techno-despair”. Notice how you feel after exposure to technology. If you feel depressed, anxious, numb, or overwhelmed, get some relief by limiting your contact with the cyber world. Of course there are many benefits to technology, but it can often be an energy drain, especially for empaths.

To center yourself in the present moment, get in the habit of taking regular technology fasts. Don’t check your email for a while. Eat a delicious lunch instead. Shut down your computer and other gadgets early in the evening. Here’s an intention to set:
“I will notice if I have symptoms of techno-despair. To counter this, I will take regular breaks from technology to clear my mind and nourish my soul.” ~ Judith Orloff